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With a soccer live stream, you will be able to fully enjoy the entire game from start to finish. You can do this with your computer or a mobile device so there isn't anything to worry about if you can't be in front of the TV for that duration of time. Not all of the programs out there offer the same value though so you should be selective.


Such an experience may be one you haven't had yet, but it isn't hard to change that. Perhaps you had the set up before but it didn't work out well for you. The problem could have been a terrible system in place that was taking up your data and draining your battery. There are better options out there so give it another chance!

You don't have to use all your data on a smartphone or allow it to drain your battery quickly. Look for a program that is going to offer you plenty of perks without those types of problems being in the way of a great outcome for you. Still, you should always have a quick charger handy so you don't miss the end of the game because your device is out of battery life!

Easy to Download

Look for a soccer live stream that is easy to download. You shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get that part of the process done. You should look for a provider with a great reputation too. Make sure you don't download something that could have a virus attached to it. Go through the terms and conditions so you know what to expect with it.

The soccer live stream should be easy to navigate too. This will enable you to pick the game you would like to view at any given time. Often, there are several games on at the same time so you have to pick. You can switch back and forth though if you desire. At the very least, you can keep up with the scores of other games while you have one you watch.

Look for the various icons that allow you to change the soccer live stream information you have access to at any given point in time. It shouldn't be hard for you to figure out how to get where you want to be. Even if you are a novice to this type of viewing, it should be a straightforward process to get it all figured out.

Doesn't Bog your System

Avoid soccer live stream programs that will bog down your system. Too many of them make it hard to do anything else at the same time. You should be able to use your phone to watch and to also text or answer a call at the same time. You should be able to use your computer to open other tabs as you watch. If your system is bogged down the screen can freeze up.

Excellent Quality and Sound

Make sure you have both excellent quality and sound attached with the soccer live stream you have in place. You don't want to compromise your viewing experience. There are too many better options out there than this for you not to have something really remarkable in place. Don't assume the quality or sound problems are due to your device, it is often the download.

With the best sound and quality in place, you will have a wonderful viewing experience. You will be able to see the details including the changing of possession of the ball and when someone is getting ready to score a goal.

Curious about what tunes make the top 8 in Yacht Rock from a working Yacht Band? Captain Carl here from the yacht rock band, Yachty by Nature will report on which tunes really make the cut for a real yacht party. First, you gotta realize that Yacht Rock is characterized by the smooth soft rock hits between 1976 and 1984. Secondly, those jazzy and R&B influenced songs were typified by the hottest session musicians of the time. In fact, they were classified by certain yachty references and boat themes not only in the lyrics but the pictures on the album covers.

The distinct guidelines for this genre were invented by JD Ryznar and the coiners of this term through their YouTube series titled Yacht Rock from 2007. Lastly, the lush production, smooth vocals, and crossover of such talents like Michael McDonald and the Porcaro brothers on other artists' songs create the vibe and sound that might be also identified as West Coast smooth.

Now that you get the picture, imagine you are a band today that is covering that kind of smooth. Staying true to the genre can be difficult when you're entertaining for a yacht party. Truly, yacht rock can be so smooth that it's too much of a pleasure cruise and not danceable enough. That said, the purists of the genre certainly appreciate the deeper cuts that we might play, like George Benson. Meanwhile, the masses might be yearning for something toward Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire which are heavily requested by party goers. That said, it's a constant rhythm of playing to the audience, keeping it smooth, witty banter and stage antics and then some yacht "adjacent" tunes that fit the mood that keep us Yacht Rock bands afloat. Case in point, Mr. JD Ryznar himself attended a Yachty by Nature concert last year and tweeted us "earning" the right to play Brandy, a notoriously Nyacht Rock song because we had played so many songs that were officially Yacht. If you'd like to check out songs that are considered Yacht or Nyacht, click on their website here:

Now, keep in mind, making a list this tight is nearly impossible. Importantly, there are so many amazing songs that could be included here but we are selecting the very top tunes that will get a yacht rock crowd (or other) going with the goal of smooth in mind. These are the hammers of the set and certainly inspire, pump, and create a vibe all their own. But ultimately, they are the must haves and the very special and other worldly instigators of delight, dance, and desire. This is sexy music and a time to celebrate on varying levels so each of these recordings have different gears. Conclusively, each of the top 8 have that special quality that drives the party and we'll examine what makes them so special as we go!

Peg by Steely Dan.

From arguably the greatest yacht rock album of all time, Aja, this song is a hammer. A beast of a music chart, this tune uses every bit of the genius of Donald Fagen's keyboard voicings and multiple 13th chords to challenge a pro band at every position. But the sultry intro chords with saxy punches punctuating the opening rhythm make way for Steely Dancers and groove enthusiasts unknowing to the songs complexity. It's unmistakable smooth and percussive lyrics drive people to the dance floor as much as they have people squirming in their seats and verbalizing that culminating lyrical harmony of Peg in the chorus. Michael McDonald harmonies cozy up to the chords of the chorus and make way for the most famous guitar solo of all time. By the time the final choruses round it out, dancers have become addicted to that deep groove that Steely Dan does so damn well. This may not be the #1 yacht rock tune, but it sure does its job and shows off every bit of guitar, keyboards, vocals, saxes, and above all that bass and drums that will keep you moving.

Rosanna by Toto.

This power play by Toto literally has it all. The infamous Porcaro beat leads to the classic piano sus4's so unmistakable that the crowd can't fight the urge to sing before the classic vocal comes in. Anticipation is everywhere on this song and so we typically end the night with Rosanna as the crowning glory of a night of yacht rock. A whopping 95.75 rating on the Yachtski scale, this song employs all the missiles that Toto can possibly fire from their arsenal of badass musicians. Huge guitar solos, mega synth solos, huge vocal and harmonies and Purdie shuffle beat in 12/8 time, this is a tour de force. Unfortunately, you mostly hear this tune played by bands using backing tracks, what a shame. As with yacht rock in general, it's a must to play it live without faking it behind those pre-recorded backing tracks. So, kudos to bands playing it all the way live this one is expert level difficulty! Strap on your seat belts, this tune really rocks the show.

Rich Girl by Hall and Oates.

Unfortunately a tune that doesn't score well on the Yachtski scale but scores well with the ladies. Hall and Oates is a juggernaut in the smooth rock business. While purists pan the music as outside the boat, the audiences crave for it like a dog loves bacon. It's low hanging fruit but sometimes to keep our crowd satisfied we gotta play a favorite like this and potentially offend the purists. The title says it all and certainly our fans love to sing along, dance, and otherwise get down to this infectious vocal groove. From the opening keyboard hook and semi-acapella teaser, the ensuing foot stomping guitar unleashes the joy of the crowd. By the time those big Hall and Oates harmonies pounce on the pre-chorus, the crowd is cheering and ready to vocalize that joy.

This one makes sure it is time to get down. And, at a 89 Yachtski rating,Lowdown is not only legit, but it has that swagger, that groove, and enough bassy goodness to get the people dancing. It's yacht gold. As we picked it for our early promo video, it embodies the fun of the yacht, the groove of the sun and the beach, and that contagious smooth that makes you want to time transport to the summer of 1976. In fact, Yachty by Nature plays this uniquely with double jazz flutes that makes them the only band in the world that doubles the Ron Burgundy pleasure of this tune. Kick back or hit the dance floor this one slays no matter your situation.

All Night Long by Lionel Richie.

Ahhhhhh, where the yacht meets the 80's in a big way. I suppose this song squeaks onto the boat with a 61 rating with JD Ryznar's overwhelming support. He rated it a whopping 91 while Hunter Stair and Hollywood Steve Huey might have kicked it off the boat with their ratings in the 40's. Another crowd favorite here, Lionel Richie is quintessentially nailing it with brilliant songwriting and a fun, percussion filled party tune that gets people on their feet, let alone the conga line. This takes the boat to another level or the Lido Deck as we call it. It's a must-have to get people moving and truly help the crowd "escape" to another place and time. This boat is definitely headed to Pleasure Town..."hey there's a rainbow, yeah do me on it" (Ron Burgundy reference!)

What a Fool Believes by the Doobie Brothers

This is the textbook definition of smooth and the perfect 100 rating across the board on the Yachtski scale. It's got the Doobie bounce, peppy and bright keyboard lick and that warm Michael McDonald vocal that wraps you up and sends you to a happy place. The second that piano riff hits, the natives get restless and begin to shimmy. Indeed, the Godfather of Yacht Rock and royalty himself, Mr. McDonald lays down a timeless groove and croons his way into the musical stratosphere. When the harmonies join in on the chorus it just gets dead sexy and the yacht party is coming into full swing. Climb aboard for this tune, you just might get a good way!

I Keep Forgettin' by Michael McDonald and Regulate by Warren G Medley

Watch out, here comes the franchise right here. On its own, I Keep Forgettin' is a stone groove with all the trappings of Michael McDonald masterpiece. That bass line carries its own but when that rhodes piano just sits on top of that bass and the smooth beat, you've got yacht funk in the house. Again with the bearded yacht Jesus of Michael McDonald on the mic, the tune screams boogie down and people do. Indeed the power of Yacht Rock compels you. The afterburners really fire though when the band turns the corner and slides right into Warren G's Regulate which copied the groove of Keep Forgettin' as the sample underneath Warren G and Nate Dogg. This is when the cameras come out and the attention of the crowd goes viral. Rightfully so, this song slays an audience and when performed like Yachty by Nature does, that energy gets crazy! Shine on you crazy diamond, this tune screams I'M ON A BOAT and BOATS 'N HOES all together.

Africa by Toto.

This Pied Piper of smooth, we have observed this song move people at a festival to come running from miles away to get on that dance floor with us. Again that Jeff Porcaro drumming drops a mean beat and then allows the keyboard deep brass thump to be met with the island/tribal marimba/xylophone trickling up top in this dynamite intro. Anticipation builds as the vocal comes in. Cruising through the weird lyrics and odd key changes and even several time signatures doesn't matter to anyone by the time we are ready to Bless the Rains Down in Africa for the chorus. It becomes a caucophony of hands in the air, chorale singing, and sheer ecstasy as the anthemic chorus echoes into the night. There is little to dissuade any crowd on the planet from dancing, singing, and generally going nuts during this timeless classic. For a band that plays this live, it's a daunting task to play that keyboard solo. But to pull it off live and know that not many bands around are playing it LIVE, feels pretty damn good. And then of course, all roads lead back to that big chorus as a culmination of this greatest song in the Yacht Rock playlist.

Well, there you have a list of the dominant 8 songs in smooth soft rock. First, we're coming from the perspective of a live yacht rock band and delivering the goods on the stage that navigates through the demands of the purists and the anticipation of party goers and dancers. The genre has been exploding for Yachty by Nature and imaginably for other talented and fun yacht rock bands. Notably, the bands that play it live are really at a premium here. The value of LIVE is crystal clear when you see bands playing with pre-recorded backing tracks that fake it on legendary vinyl cuts like these. In fact, it takes all the soul out of that yacht rock groove.

Do yourself a favor and search out a great tribute to these 70's and 80's sounds. There are a few that play LIVE and to national crowds like Yacht Rock Revue and others with a wide pull all over California like Mustache Harbor and then of course, yours truly, Yachty by Nature. It does sound like the midwest is getting some representation too with the Ron Burgundy's . Looks like there's lots of fun ahead and this yacht full of fun is just getting going. I guess I should say there's a whole host of honorable mention songs to this list so here we go!

Steal Away by Robbie Dupree, Rock with You by Michael Jackson, anything else Steely Dan, Lido Shuffle by Boz Scaggs, No Can Do by Hall and Oates, Ride Like the Wind 배트멘토토 by Christopher Cross, Brandy by Looking Glass, anything by Pablo Cruise, deep cut if you can do some Ned Doheny and of course the inimitable Ambrosia. Keep looking for the smooth and celebrate these amazing tunes. If you'd like to see all of Yachty by Nature's song list click here Song List .

Ahoy! Captain Carl