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Whether you are seeking to achieve the perfect bathroom for a domestic property or a commercial setting, it is often the smallest touches that make the greatest difference. One brand that we supply, TOTO, makes that especially clear with its WASHLET technology that combines unparalleled levels of convenience, cost-effectiveness and hygiene.


What makes TOTO washlets a vital addition to your bathroom

Few people have ever sat on a toilet offering greater luxury than that provided by TOTO washlets. The technology is characterised by a unique wand that helps to bring standards of personal hygiene to a new level. Instead of inefficient and costly toilet paper, warm water is used, providing the most impeccable clean, making it environmentally friendly, too.

The temperature and flow of TOTO washlets can be adjusted by remote control, while the wand self-cleans before and after each use. For maximum efficiency, users can easily activate the energy-saving mode.

You would struggle to find a more refined example of 21st-century toilet technology, with every aspect - right down to the angle at which the water flows - having been carefully considered to ensure the best results and the finest experience for every user of your bathroom.

TOTO is one of the most renowned bathroom brands today

TOTO is a much-loved Japanese sanitary ware brand that has been synonymous with bathroom innovation since it was established in 1917. Despite celebrating its centenary this year, the brand is in many ways only just being discovered by many of Europe's most discerning householders, hotels, and business owners, with TOTO washlets very much at the forefront of its rise to prominence.

More than 40 million TOTO washlets have been sold across the world to date - and the latest WASHLET technology continues to incorporate the intricate touches that have helped to make it a go-to option for so many bathroom owners around the globe.

The toilet seat, for example, can be adjusted to your individual preferences, but also warms itself even before you sit down - and then when you get up again, it automatically switches to an energy-saving mode that keeps the heat setting to a minimum. An air purifier also keeps the air around the toilet fresh both during and after use, and once the user has been cleansed by the warm water jet, the adjustable dryer leaves them feeling fresh and clean.

Contact Prestige Bathrooms about all things TOTO

These are just some of the technologies that have contributed to TOTO's burgeoning reputation in this part of the world. To find out more about the TOTO products that could be most relevant and suitable for your own West London bathroom, simply visit the Prestige Bathrooms official website today.

Not to compare many things to sell at a huge wedding dress, if it is filled to the chaos with stabbing, poking, and general violence. This enormous turnover is often cited as the functioning of the brides, in honor of the bullheaded, many women in the shop to shop, have decided to pack their perfect dress.

As scary as bridal mega-sales, there is an acceptable reason for this chaos. A soon-to-be bride can find her dream dress for a huge discount couture and the foundation for a dream wedding, they can actually afford. Enough said.

If you want to get your dream dress at one of those blowout sales, you need to know how to navigate the scene in order to achieve the best possible results. First and foremost, never wear open shoes for sale, unless you want broken toes.

The Friends

A wedding dress sale will prove the ultimate test of who your best friends. Nothing says "I care" like putting a mega wedding dress sale as your assistant. They need the help, so make sure that at least two other people bring to the sale.

The extra eyes, ears and hands, especially, having friends or family is to provide an enormous benefit. Wizards can grab clothes on your list to guard your wardrobe to keep extra clothes, act like a wall, if there are no dressing rooms, and clear a path to the checkout.

The dress

You can not buy time for a wedding dress, so you need to know what clothes you want. It is not enough to know the basic color or style, because you do not have time to leisurely try on many different looks. You must know the exact dress and / or clothes, you're there toto buy.

The best way to figure out the right clothes for you to plan ahead and shop for about a month before the sale. Try on any clothing style 베트맨토토 and determine what you like. Bring your bridesmaids and everyone helps with the sale, not because you do not have time to hear their opinion. Note the exact size, color and name for each style dress you try on. Then arrange the clothes from the least-liked best.

Pay attention to small details of sampling and rating the dress. You must, if the size would be perfect to do seven small if the size would be 8 and 9 if the size could be altered to fit. Keep this in mind for each and every designer dress catches your eye.

You must remember that people engage in these wild sales, and your ideal dress can be over in a blink. Have at least 10 dresses on your list, and the longer the list, the better. It does not hurt to know what clothes you want the best, but make sure you will still love each bears on the list.

If you are computer savvy and a real stickler for details, think about printing to a list of clothes, with their associated images. Enter the list of helpers for each sale, so they know the name, appearance, and accurate information on each dress.

The Shop

If you went to the store, try to give her clothes, then you should already know the store layout. This may not be good enough, though. You may want to visit on the business back a day or two before the sale.

Visit the camp a few days before the sale keeps you up to dateAt the current stock so you can update your list. It can also help you learn about all the little changes in the last minute. But many "run of the Bride" would not see sales are in basements or other unusual places instead of customers in the rule so that you may not be able to determine the exact place you'll be shopping visit.

The strategy

You need to out and have everything planned decision before you would even think about a wedding dress mega sale. Decide who drive, if your staff will meet you there or go with you, and how early you are going to show.

Disconnect the store into sections, and shall designate a section to each helper. You have to find a much better chance and grab what you, if every employee knows exactly where to focus their attention you want. Depending on the size of the store, you may also want to meet a specific, how to create, for example, by the bathrooms, will be disconnected in case your group.

Forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the chaotic day, you're not wearing the right underwear, if you will try on dresses. If you need to check the fit of each garment, wear a bra, underwear, tights and shoes, with the general style that would be you have in mind. If installation is not a minor problem, you think to wear a bathing suit. This makes it easy to switch to the right on the sales floor without trying to fight for a dressing room.